Introduce yourself!

(Saddam) #62

Hi everyone,

I’m Saddam from UK. I’m interested in testing and would like to help with Bengali BN-BD translation.


(Guillaume Savaton) #63

Hi. My name is Guillaume and I’m from France.

I work as an associate professor in an engineering school. My main topics of interest are digital electronics and embedded systems, but I have grown an interest in the web as a teaching platform where I can easily share documents, interactive demonstrations and educational games. I am also the main developer of Sozi, a free presentation tool using SVG and JavaScript.

I am an enthusiastic supporter of Firefox OS. Since I am more interested in tablets than phones, I have joined the tablet contribution program to help make Firefox OS a viable alternative on this kind of platforms.

(Pavithran) #64

Bienvenue senshu :smile:

Are you the same Guillaume from diaspora?

(Guillaume Savaton) #65

I am another Guillaume, sorry. :smiley:

(chiao) #66

I’m Zack and I’m from Taiwan. By day I am a programmer. I joined the tablet program because it’s a good way to contribute to firefox os.


Hi fellow Mozillians!
My name is Nino and I’m from Slovenia. I’ve been involved into Mozilla since 2010 as active Mozilla Slovenia member. I’m also a Mozilla Rep. Previously I’ve been involved into similar program called Mobile test drivers (for Firefox on Android).

I’m a big supporter of Open Web so the decision to join this program was quite easy. I’m also a Firefox Marketplace reviewer.

P.S. I’m still waiting for tablet to arrive :wink:

(Humboldtux) #68

Hi everyone,

I’m Ben from France, Linux sysadmin in the education field by day.

I’ve received my tablet two weeks ago, but i just have found time now to start contribute to the program and interact with you all.

(Debapriyo Bhattacharya) #69

Hello all, i am Debapriya Bhattacharya from India. I am contributing in Support Forum, AOA, Localization. I am also a Firefox Student Ambassador. I joined the tablet program because i love to contribute in any stage of open web and i think this program is one of the best ways to contribute.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #70

I’m Daniele Scasciafratte and I’m from Italy. By day I’m Wordpress programmer but I am known to as Open Source Evangelist and Developer. I joined the tablet program because i’m am an italian member of Mozilla Italia and i’ve do many talk in Italy about Firefox OS. I’ve contributed to the Firefox OS Boilerplate APP and for the Dart version of this boilerplate.
I’ve written the Ringtone picker APP for Firefox OS and the Firefox OS Bookmark for Wordpress.
I’ve also the Geeksphone Keon (won at Firefox OS App Days at Rome in 2013), Alcatel One Touch Fire and the T2Mobile Flame (Apps program) :smiley:

(Cherlowe Reinard Ramirez) #71

I’m Cherlowe Reinard Ramirez formerly from the Philippines now working at United Arab Emirates. Tech-savvy and everything under sun relating to Information Technology lover. I’ve received my tablet last week and found time to contribute and interact only by night. Currently doing testing as per my experience in Software QA Testing.

(Chiorean Ioana) #72

I’m Ioana Chiorean and I’m from Cluj Napoca. By day I am leading a team of QA’s but I am known to occasionally hang around to help contributors find a pathway that fits them. I joined the tablet program because I considered I can help improve the OS using my many years experience on QA on mobile devices.


السلام عليكم :slight_smile:
Hello Everyone,

I’m SAAD DARDAR and I’m from Morocco. By day I am a SysAdmin in a public health agency, but I am
known to occasionally searching in computer security. I joined the tablet program because I want to help testing Firefox OS for tablets, find and report bugs or a security problem, develop apps and localisation of the tablet.


(Andreas Neubauer) #74

I’m Andreas Neubauer and I’m from Austria. By day I am a SysAdmin in a small pharmaceutical company. I joined the tablet
program because I want to help testing Firefox OS for tablets, find and
report bugs or a security problem. As a long time user of Firefox and tester for several operating systems I am very interested in an really open operating system for tablets and mobile devices.

(Pablo Terradillos) #75

I’m Pablo and I’m from Argentina. I love software engineering and create things using the web as profession and hobby.

I’m also an open source activist, working for spread its use under my community, making tools and libraries or collaborating wherever I can.

I’ve joined the tablet program in order to create apps and experiences that performs great on any platform where the web can run.


(Rzr) #76

I’m Philippe Coval and I’m from France. By day I work on Tizen project as platform developper but I am known to occasionally hack on various mobile OS ( MeeGo/Harmattan mostly but not only I use jolla phone and develop on Qt on bb10 ) I joined the tablet program because I believe into joining efforts on various GNU/Linux mobile platform, I want to figure out the common denominator on those projects and what are the benefits for each others… On the other side, I use mozilla for decades now, I contributed by packaging flashblock to debian and published a FFOS basic app …

Random notes at :

(Vuyisile) #77

Hi all, I’m Vuyisile Ndlovu, known as terrameijar on irc. I’m a Rep from Zimbabwe and a QA guy. I signed up for TCP in order to be more Involved in FirefoxOS development.

(Aaron Cajes) #78

Hi there!

I’m Aaron and I’m from Makati City, The Philippines. By day I work as an app developer from a local telecommunication company in Manila but I am known to
occasionally do volunteer work as a Mozilla Rep, hack apps on the Firefox Marketplace, share code on github and write blogs about cool things on Firefox OS. I joined the tablet program because i believe the future of computing is Firefox OS and i want to get involve in evolving this OS to this awesome form factor.


(Asa Dotzler) #79

Hello TCP people!

My name is Asa and I’ve been a Mozillian for about 16 years. I started as a volunteer with little to no technical background (my education and experience prior to Mozilla was architecture and historic preservation and conservation.) I found it nearly impossible to contribute to Mozilla because it was all geared towards coders – Mozilla didn’t even make binaries that you could download, you had to have a compiler and know how to use it. I helped fix that and it resulted in a full-time job with Mozilla starting in 2000.

When Mozilla became independent in 2003, I was one of the original 6 or 7 hires at the Mozilla Foundation. I’m also a co-founder of the project that became Firefox.

After about 15 years working on browsers, I recently moved over to the Firefox OS project and am working to try to make Firefox OS easier to participate in for coders and non-coders alike.

I’m responsible for proposing a tablet hardware program and that led to me being asked to figure out, launch, and support the Tablet Contribution Program.

I’m looking forward to getting to know y’all better in the coming months as we work together to make Firefox OS kick serious ass on tablets.

Take care,

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(Rizki Kelimutu) #80

Hi everyone!
I’m Kelimutu, and I’m from Indonesia. By day, I’m babbling much about happiness in my blog and I am also known as a thriving web developer, and also a crafter. On Mozilla, I join the SUMO Indonesian reviewer team. I joined the tablet program because I would like to contribute in l10n before FirefoxOS get into my country. (:

(Ratul Minhaz) #81

I’m Ratul and I’m from Dhaka, Bangladesh. By day I am wear the Mozilla T shirt and spread the word of Fireofox OS but I am known to occasionally known to give speeches at Mozilla events. I joined the tablet program because I love Firefox OS and really really really want to see this awesome piece of art at all sorts of devices we use everyday!