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(Nitro) #82

Hi everyone

Im Tony from Brazil i see in firefox os a huge potential to make some difference for the people who want more freedom and cannot have this on actual tables and smartphones, and would like to contribute to TCP testing some tablets .have a lot of knowledge in network area, eletronics and have been sysadmin for some years.

(Jobins John) #83

I am Jobins John and I’m from INDIA. I am a great lover of Mozilla and i have been using Firefox and Thunderbird for over years. I really like the ideology of Mozilla to keep spreading the web literacy through the #TeachTheWeb program. You people are doing great guys. Fortunately i was able to be a part of Makersparty this year. You people help many people to acquire web literacy. I joined the tablet program because i really want to help mozilla and its initiatives.

(Albarr D. Muzarin) #84

Hi’’ :slight_smile:

I’m Albarr Muzarin also known as Khizaimar and I’m from Basilan, Philippines. By day I am at school but I am known to occasionally do volunteer work on SUMO, social media and test Firefox OS and firefox for Android. I joined the tablet contribution program because I am very excited to continue testing Firefox OS/Android and Add ons :slight_smile:

(Gautam krishna R) #85

Hi everyone,
I am Gautam. I am a technology enthusiast who is always passionate
about computer science, I love coding. I had made my first Mozilla
Firefox OS app “Penny pro:”. It bagged first prize in appday. . I am an
active bug reporter and a member of army of awesome. I am also a member
of Mozilla Kerala. i joined this becuse i :love_letter: firefox OS

(Adamya Goel) #86

Hello Everyone,
My name is Adamya Goel, a passionate guy from India. I love to learn something new in my life. I usually surfing the net & tries to learn something New. This is the thing for which i m too much passionate. I usually writes article as i have my own websites such as
I`m also quick learner. I want to join this because I believe that I can utilize all my knowledge so that i help whole World.
I have joined the Tablet program so that i help other people in creating Apps & learn something new from others.

(Ar Oussema) #87

I’m Oussema and I’m from Tunisia. Android apps developer, i love coding and open source world. i joined the tablet program because i like mobile OS and i really want to add FireFox OS to my project in 2015 year. I want to make helpful apps on amm mobile platforms so everyone can use it to develop himself and better been :smile:

(MD Sami) #88

I’m mdsami and I’m from Bangladesh .
By day I’m programmer (work as software engineer). I am an open source lover but contributor in the mozilla world and I already love it.
I joined the tablet program because Firefox OS is open source.
I want really a world where you could use open and free source code in every platform (tablet , smart phone ,computer , web , smartphone , tv etc.)
You could find me if the github, linux , mozilla, tcp irc , helping people.
I hope that this tablet will be soon in my hands for Rom customizer , hack the Firefox OS device ,firefox os apps development , firefox os apps test, and also reporting bugs!

(Maedca) #89

hi I’m Manuel @maedca from Venezuela, i’m the localization Spanish coordinator to MDN in Mozilla Hispano , i work in my own business like sysadmin and python developer and very happy to use my firefox tablet XD


(Bolaram Paul) #90

I’m Bolaram Paul, from Bangladesh. I’m a mozillian for almost 1 year and I’m very proud of it. I identified my self with with Mozilla’s Mission.I joined the tablet program because I believe I can contribute with my technical experience, and with localization efforts as well. :slight_smile:

(Michalzuch) #92

Hi in future I want build something big for me and others.

(Rubenroy) #93

I am Ruben and I am from India

(W Simmons1985) #94

Hi. My name is Wallace Simmons.
I work as a PHP developer and programmer. My main
topics of interest are web development, search engine optimization and writing related to PHP programming. but I have grown an interest in the Wordpress as it is a lot easy to use and save bunch of time for newbies.
Now I am planning to add a new category to my article directory ArticleMob regarding Web Browsers like Mozila, IE and Chrome. I think a category like this will help people to understand more about Web browsers. No doubt these browsers have tremendous amount of information on their blogs or forums. But I think in this way more people will be able to share their experiences about these browsers and their extensions.

(Stefan Bohacek) #95

Hi everyone!

My name is Stefan and I live in Brooklyn, NY (I moved here about a year ago, from Slovakia).

I was briefly (but very intensely!) involved with Webmaker.

These days I mostly make/discuss/organize online bots, but I’m hoping to find more time to get involved with the #teachtheweb folks again, soon :smile:

(submarelime) #96

I’m MaryAnn but my internet username is submarelime and I’m from California born and raised. I am a retired grandmother of one, my grandson, Isidro who was named after my Dad. While he’s at school i like to do my own thing including researching on my computer and other computer stuff. After he gets home is when he and I do chores and reading and other fun stuff like coloring, dancing, watching movies, playing games on my pc and he loves his xbox…ugh…personally i think it makes him numb dumb…I joined because i’ve been working on some themes and i have a whole bunch but i’ve only submitted four of them, i think it’s 4…not sure. I look forward to discussing different topics with other like minded adults…glad to be here.

(Amit Kumar Jaiswal) #97

Hello everyone,

I’m Amit and I’m from India(The country know for his spiritual places and Taj Mahal). By day I’m a passionate coder (looking for Software research internships/projects). I am an active Mozillian and a FOSS enthusiast since 2015.
I joined the Tablet program because I love Android and would love to reveal more features in Firefox OS. I want to make the world a more a open place so that everyone can avail free source code in every platform.

Amit Kumar Jaiswal

(Amit Kumar Jaiswal) #98

Hi MaryAnn,
Glad to hear you!
I’m an active Mozillian and FSA.
Looking forward to discuss on your project and would like to contribute.

Amit Kumar Jaiswal

(Davidtree968a) #99

Hi - my name is David, just signed up. I do not know if I am in the right place, but I am looking for a Firefox coder to work on a user-beneficial function within Firefox which most likely will involve altering the Firefox source code. The programmer should be familiar with Firefox, Mozilla intellectual property rights, and the Mozilla Community as a whole,; and, is proficient at the requisite programming languages such as C++. The end product developed for the Firefox application will be donated to the Firefox community.

I would appreciate any assistance in this matter. Thank you, David

(Barrettdungy) #100

I’m Barrett Dungy and I’m from Georgia. By day I am a programmer . I joined the tablet program because I like Android simply.

(Yousef Alam) #101

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