Introduce yourselves here! - Welcome FSAs & Mozillians

(Kjdomanog) #1

This will be the place for new users to find some new information
about other community members. Also helps eliminate “Hello”, “Hi
There!”, “New Here”, and/or any similar threads for introduction.

I’m inviting everyone to Introduce yourselves here! It does not matter if
it’s just simple introduction or the summary of your life~ Decision is

Club Name:

(Kjdomanog) #2

Let me be the first to Introduce myself,

I am Kemuel Domanog, widely known as Kim, started as a Student Ambassador year 2009 then became a Mozilla Rep year 2011, currently the FSA & Creatives Lead in the Philippines, VP of Communication on the FSA Executive Board, I am a hobby blogger as well as a Hobby photographer.


(Ratul Minhaz) #3

Hi! I am Ratul Minhaz from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Just call me Ratul if you like :smile:

I started contributing to Mozilla not long ago, around December of 2012. Then I became a Firefox Student Ambassador when the program was launched in May, 2013. After organizing events in different universities on Dhaka, I became a Mozilla Rep on February, 2014. Currently I am a Regional Ambassador Lead and also worning with Team Mobilizer Bangladesh.

I can be found across the Mozilla sites as well as in IRC with the nick @minhazr
Also tweet to me @mnz_r

(Rabimba) #4

I am Rabimba Karanjai originally from Kolkata, India and at present in New York. A Mozillian and a graduate student (on the way to being doctoral…). At the moment I work in Cognitive Technologies in IBM T J Watosn Research Lab.

My IRC for Mozilla related activities are: @rkaranj

(Muhammed Hasan Ahmed) #5

Hello everyone. My name is Muhammed Hasan Ahmed (call me Hasan) and I am a Mozilla Rep and Regional Ambassador Lead (RAL) of Pakistan.

(Viswanathamsantosh) #6

Hi Team,
I am Santosh Viswanatham.Mozilla Rep,Regional Ambassador Lead,Webmaker Super Mentor, Developer Evangelist and a long time Application and Game Developer for Firefox OS.

(Fachrul Razy) #7

Greetings all FSA… Hello!

My name is Muh Fachrul Razy, but you can call me Oji
I’m from Indonesia
I’m taking Computer and Network Engineering major at State Polytechnic of Ujung Pandang (Politeknik Negeri Ujung Pandan)
My FSA Club name is PNUP Firefox Club

It’s very nice to contribute in Mozilla. I hope we can collaborate amazingly…

(Hossain Al Ikram) #8

Hello People
I am Hossain Al Ikram , You can call me Ikram
I’m from Bangladesh.I started contributing after learning about FSA and become an FSA This year.I love to contribute and hear responses from people around me. It’s always been a pleasure for me to being connected with Mozilla.

I can be found at facebook - and Twitter - . If you want , you can connect with me via mail at

(Sanjaygouri) #9

Iam Sanjay from Hyderabad, India . Pursuing my graduation and also Webmaker Supporter ,Mentor, App developer.

(Johnsonjawahar) #10

I am Johnson Jawahar, People call me Johnson, started as a student Ambassador FSA in this year.

(Salman Rahman Desh) #11

Hi! I’m Salman Rahman Desh from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I’m a Firefox Student Ambassador for the last one year and Firefox OS apps developer as well.

(Rafiq) #12

Hi, This is Rafiqul Alam Khan.I am form Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am the founder Club Lead of Jagannath University Firefox Club. I am a Task Force member of Mozilla Bangladesh PR & Communication TF. I am an undergrad of Jagannath University majoring in Finance & Applied Economics.

(Asifraihan) #13

Hello FSA’s…This Asif Raihan from Dhaka, Bangladesh.I’m a Firefox Student ambassador for last 6 months and trying to contribute in filling up up the missions of Mozilla.

(Rishabh Banga) #14

Name: Rishabh Banga
Country: India
School/Univ: Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Amity University
Club Name: Amity Firefox Club

These are my contributions till now:

  1. Webmaker Mentor, and that being said am a part of Webmaker Training and Webmaker Community
  2. I was a developer for the fx10 landing page
  3. Part of the Internet For All campaign.
  4. Part of Contributor of CommunityIT discourse team.
  5. Part and Contributor of Open Badges Community

I am a Club Lead and I love to lead by example and show how things get done. Be it organizing Maker Party events or making teaching kits or simply giving talks on Firefox OS.

(Rahuldevm) #15

Please solve my Doubts…

(Harshdeswal) #16

NAMASTE !! :smile:
THANKS, :+1:

(A. Yateesh Kumar Yadav) #17

Hi I am Yateesh from Hyderabad, Telangana and you can call me just Yatee.
I started as a Firefox Student Ambassador in Jan 2015 and now I’m planning to establish a Firefox club in my college as I don’t have any firefox club in my college.

So anyone who have any suggestions for me please let me know.

(Moiz Sajid) #18


I am Moiz Sajid from Pakistan. I am currently studying Computer Science at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences. I have been a Mozilla Student Ambassador for no for than 6 months
You can follow me on Twitter:

(Akshay) #19

I’m Akshay from Mysore. I’ve started a club in Mysore Medical College. I’m still looking for members and their suggestions for a nice club name. I’m asdofindia on twitter, IRC, etc.

(Ram) #20

Hellow everyone, Here is Ram from Mozilla India. I am a Mozilla Rep & community builder. I had very good time as FSA when I enjoyed & learnt a lot, hope you all are also having the same.

I am quite late to join discourse, but very excited to be here with lot of FSAs to help and guide in any manner. I am working on Firefox OS, Firefox Marketplace, GeoLocation project & Community building. Feel free to get in touch for anything.

Warm Regards,
Ram Dayal Vaishnav