Inverse console filter to hide messages e.g. -WORD to hide messages containing WORD?

Hello! My console is polluted with webpack output, is it possible to hide messages containing particular words? e.g. all these [HMR]'s, but others too, thanks!

[HMR] bundle rebuilding client.js:241
[HMR] bundle 'client' rebuilt in 2244ms client.js:250
[HMR] Checking for updates on the server... process-update.js:51
[HMR] Nothing hot updated. process-update.js:123
[HMR] App is up to date.

unfortunately no, but this is something people are asking, so we might do it in the future.

For now, it looks like you can use the quiet option for HMR (See
They could also put those messages with or console.debug so you can turn off the filter, but they are using console.log :confused:
Maybe that’s something you could request on their github too :slight_smile:

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OK that answers that! Thanks for the quick response, I’ll try that quiet mode for now. Cheers!

For future googlers, this did indeed solve this issue with nuxt HMR console messages, add to the build section of the nuxt.config.js:

  build: {
    hotMiddleware: {
      client: {
        // Silence! console messages
        quiet: true