Is it just me or is the AMO "Submit a New Add-on" web form broken (after 26-SEP-2016)?

(Joseph Kenney) #1

Is it just me or is the AMO “Submit a New Add-on” web form broken (after 26-SEP-2016)?

From after login…

  1. Check on [x] “Do not list my add-on on this site”
  2. For “Which platforms is this file compatible with?” select [x] Windows - suppect any selection will have same result.
  3. Click browse then select your XPI file.
  4. After successful validation, the “Which platforms is this file compatible with?” choice is deselected (nothing selected) and the radio buttons are all rendered disabled. Clicking the Continue button restarts the form.

There are no error message that might indicate I did something wrong. It looks like the form broke (on or after 26-SEP-2016)

I successfully signed my first XPI on 26-SEP-2016. The next day when I tried to sign another one, I hit the problem above.

I did my original success, and subsequent failed attempts from Firefox 49.0.1 on Windows 7. I also tried from Internet Explorer 11 and Chrome 52.0 with the same results (cannot sign the XPI).

Is it just me, or is the web form broke? If me, any suggestions where I might look to find the error.

(Jorge) #2

If you see this problem consistently, it’s likely there’s something in the manifest that is breaking the detection in the form. If you can point us to the file we may be able to help you.

(Joseph Kenney) #3

Hi Jorge,

Thanks for taking a look at this.

I have resolved the problem, thanks to some recent replies under your profile. The RDF file was bad. For @lt;em:targetApplication@gt;, @lt;em:id@gt I used the GUID from my add-on. I did not realize that this was to reference Firefox. I think what happened was that my original RDF had a duplicate @lt;em:id@gt (my add-on) of the one I had added the day before - the validation rejected it. I first change the wrong one (FireFox GUID) before correcting the proper one. But I left the GUID wrong. This RDF passed validation but cause the platform selection to be disabled with no messages as to the reason.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

-Joe K.

PS: I have problems posting/responding to this web site - “500 Internal Server Error”. I have to make a dummy post, then replace the text with what I actually need to say.

(Henri Hyyryläinen) #4

I’m having a similar issue. I can’t type in the name and description of my addon (a webextension in a zip file). I first thought that maybe it was the localized names that caused the issue but I tried also with a plain text name and the issue was the same. Using the website inspector it seems that the Name and Description fields are missing the class (slug-edit) that adds the edit box thing. Whereas the add-on url field has it and it works correctly.

Here’s a screenshot of me trying to submit an addon with a simple name and description and it still isn’t working (I did try changing language and it was still the same):

And now that I restarted firefox I can now longer see the addon in my addons and I can’t submit it again with the same id. All in all this is pretty broken.

(Jorge) #5

Please file a bug report here, and include the file you’re trying to upload.