Is it possible to create?

(Krakozavr) #1


I’m traveling a lot and I using the firefox to upload many large files for work. My web-based uploading tool can upload a couple of files together.

The problem is: sometimes, with a slow internet connection, parallel uploads works really bad. The loaded files compete for a channel and the total reliability is very low. Upload of the one file may take an hour - but parallel upload of 5 files will take 5 hours, and if something going wrong, I loosing about 4-5 hours and have nothing uploaded :frowning:

So, the question is: is it possible to create an addon which will changing (limit or increase) the number of parallel uploads (server connections?) without editing of the ABOUT:CONFIG manually, preferable in the one particular tab but not in the browser totally?

(erosman) #2

Add-ons still use the browser and browsers are not the best tool for uploading large files. It is best to use proper file-transfer applications (there are free ones) which will be able to do what you want.

(Krakozavr) #3

we hawe as we have. I can’t change the tool, it is provided “as is” (BTW, it’s a lot of tools like this around the world).