Is it possible to flash Android on a Flatfish?

(Fjoerfoks) #1

Development seems slow, so I was wondering if it would be possible to flash the Flatfish with Android in the meantime?

(Noah) #2

That’s not possible at the moment. Someone had this idea before but I don’t think it was possible for technical reasons I’m forgetting. Maybe someone else can explain why in more detail.

Sorry about the slow development. They’re focused on polishing FxOS 2.5 for the phone. Hopefully after that they can return focus to the tablet.

(Andrew [:feer56] ) #3

Well… It might be possible, but it is prohibited if you are using it to contribute to Firefox OS and not using it for other purposes like testing Firefox for Android. We’re currently at a stand-still, and also halted at this moment.

(alex_mayorga) #4


I asked @asa on IRC about this and he said this is totally fine if this advances Mozilla’s mission, he mentioned Fennec[1] and B2GDroid[2] as legit uses for the flatfishes out there in the wild that could get AOSP somehow.



(Andrew [:feer56] ) #5

Yes, as long it does align with the mission, it is acceptable. However, we need to remind ourselves of the device’s hardware specifications, along with its capability with Android and testing for Mozilla.

(Borisbudini) #6

The main problem about building AOSP for Flatfish is the hardware resources.In the past i only managed to build cwm and twrp.

(Michal Stanke) #7

So there are no alternative ROMs, so one can test Fennec on Android, since FxOS is being deprecated?

(Pavithran) #8

Concentrate on getting Android working.

It means we have a way to install say Cyanogenmod Image if we have it. Now how do we get Cyanogenmod on to it?
Ping @yousef , @Caspy7, @slee , @abderahemane_be @suoko for some help/advice/suggestions. :cool:

Lets not waste a nice hardware sponsored by TCP program ( thanks @asa ) to not go to trash :recycle: .

(Borisbudini) #9

Hey there!
Well yes, android builds are definitively possible, being that B2G(uh, i mean Connected Devices) and AOSP are both similiar.
Last summer, i’ve been trying to port it without success(Boots to ux, crashes every second). There was also another guy who was trying to port it, however, he’s not on Discourse a.f.a.i.k
Now, about:

CyanogenMod is way harder to be ported due to differences in compiling. I’m not so sure about that.(There was a bug i think to make B2G devices CyanogenMod compile-able)
However, I’m not sure community agrees about flashing Android, since the tablets were meant for B2G( Connected Devices!) {honestly, i think this is true, but this needs to be discussed}
Now, i can work about getting it working (summer==vacations==work :joy:) but do not get your expectations right, as i failed last summer too :sweat:

(Borisbudini) #10

However, i managed to do this…

(Android 4.2.2)

(Fjoerfoks) #11


(A.Ben) #12

Can you share the way you achieved that ? a ROM may be ?

(Luigi Tedone) #13

Great! Could you write a guide please?

(Pavithran) #14

Please post issues here maybe some one can help, you can use me as testeror any other help if needed. :relaxed:

(Pavithran) #15

Wow 4.2.2 :boom: and what Android :robot: is it? stock one? How come its different from cyanogenmod?

(Pavithran) #16

You can lay that fear aside :relieved: As Asa himself has told in one post that its ok to use Android on TCP devices for testing firefox on android.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #17

we want the roms!

(Borisbudini) #18

Alright alright alright :smiley:
This topic caught :fire: :smiley:
Sorry i couldn’t reply earlier, so, let’s go:

Sure thing i can. If you want to build, the instructions on how to build aosp are all here and use the device files from B2G. I suggest Ubuntu 14.04 till this moment(Even though i’m a Fedora fan). If you simply want some .img, try this:
boot.img from the files here
system.img and userdata.img from here

To build or to flash is up there ^. If unclear, ping me to write a in depth guide

If we could have a few testers, that would be good.

Stock AOSP. Different because of the device files are different between CyanogenMod and AOSP

Great :grin:

Look up :smiley:

Also, today is Sunday, right? If so, i will format my entire HDD and install Ubuntu and set it up for building, i have to fetch AOSP 4.2.2 too(~30GB+) so, by tomorrow i must be ready. Let’s keep in touch :firefox:

(Borisbudini) #19

Done. :sunglasses:


(Borisbudini) #20

Anyone trying this by the way?