Is it possible to flash Android on a Flatfish?

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(Neo2shyalien) #137

You cancel your pull request but I was fast enough to download it and validate it. Yes the it’s works, now build dont die with camera errors and is not necessary to remove the entire folder. I suppose you want to make some other changes before make bigger pull request ?

(Gabriela) #138

Sorry, could you please tell me what is the download file for? Thanks!!

(Eduardo Trápani) #139

Thanks yfdyh000! It helped a lot. Gabriela, that is a FirefoxOS image for the tablet. I wanted to kind of factory-reset it, but building from source just doesn’t seem to work anymore.

(Eduardo Trápani) #140

Sorry, I cancelled because finally I got the camera to work! And I realized that the pull request was not the right way to do it.

About the error, thing is, we need to keep the structure defined as it was, before the pull request. And then, we have to get rid of the emulator, because it pulls the goldfish emulated camera, that cannot deal with the added structure member. We could change the code for that, but I guess it doesn’t make sense, just for the emulator. So, you can remove development/tools/emulator or, if you need stuff from there, just remove development/tools/emulator/system/camera. I’m completely new at Android, so I don’t know what’s best there. It would be nice to have that automatically done in the manifest, maybe with an overlay.

The camera app included in aosp does not work. It yields an error about a out-of-bound array element. BUT this camera app from f-droid WORKS perfectly, front and back.

The images (boot.img, userdata.img and system.img) are here and can be installed by following these steps.

I get errors while trying to play youtube videos, don’t know why yet…

By the way, all the f-droid apps are open source, and you can get Firefox apk (which didn’t meet the standard) directly from here, so no need to get gapps just for that.

(Gabeintothe) #141

The images from Neo2SHYAlien cause no problems with yt (
By flashing those images and this recovery everything but camera works:

adb reboot boot-fastboot
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash data userdata.img
fastboot reboot
fastboot flash recovery twrp-recovery.img.img
adb reboot recovery 

Then I installed the two zips

(Neo2shyalien) #142

You have to change video decoding to be via the cpu not via the allwinner libs (. this is the reason why youtube video are only in SD. If i remind correctly the setting for that is in media_codecs.xml or something similar. Later I will check the correct name and the changes for video decoding. Will be better to use allwinner libs with hardware decoding but it’s require some development - firefoxos did some changes for proper mpeg4 decoding with allwinner libs.

p.s Yes media_codecs.xml is the correct file but for some reason I didn’t push my changes :blush: Later I will make new push with fix for video decoding :slight_smile:

p.s2 @etrapani Here is the fix for the video - kind of ugly fix but works :slight_smile: Here have more information about the problem (checkout and the links to related bugs)

(Eduardo Trápani) #143

Great!! Thanks a lot! What is missing now that camera and video works? Are you still thinking of building CM?

I’m ready to help (I might need a bit of a walkthrough though)

(Neo2shyalien) #144

Kind of works :slight_smile: Hardware video decoding doesn’t work, the stock camera app will be better to work, also there is some issue with storage display in settings. I didn’t test the light sensor over FFOS but for now dont work. Probably I missing something…

Actually I have CM build but there is some issue with gpu/video and OS doesn’t start.

(Eduardo Trápani) #145

Which cm?

Can you share the manifest and/or the modifications? I tried to build cm 10.1 by adding the flatfish specific repositories to local_manifest.xml but it does not compile yet:

error 101: Unresolved link/see tag "#USES_POLICY_ENFORCE_SELINUX"

I’d rather try to solve the driver issue than the building one … specially since you’ve already done it :).

(Neo2shyalien) #146

Give me few days to stack everything for CM build. Later I will check for some old image files.

(Neo2shyalien) #147

This morning I had a time for research and I think the AOSP 4.4.2 build for FlatFish is possible.

(daniel camacho) #148

great work, the link for the new camera app doesnt work tho

(Eduardo Trápani) #149

This link works. But I’ve found that all the apps I tried work, except for the stock Android …

(Iacopo Benesperi) #150

Hi guys, I got a bit lost in the discussion and so a quick question: I installed Android on flatfish a while ago (thanks again) and my build is “full_flatfish-eng 4.2.2 JDQ39 20160922 test-keys”. Is this still the most up-to-date build? If not, which is the link to the most recent one?
I was also considering that it would be nice to have all the information on how to install Android on the flatfish in one page. Do you guys think Mozilla would allow a page in the wiki in the TCP section? That would help other owners of the flatfish who would like to e.g. test Firefox Nightly on the tablet.

(Mossroy) #151

I flashed my Flatfish device with the instructions from comment 141 above.
It’s working pretty well : many many thanks for giving us a chance to re-use this device :slightly_smiling_face::+1:
In particular, Firefox is working well on it : I’m very glad to have an up-to-date and stable version of Firefox now.

I only found 2 technical issues (already mentioned in previous comments) : the video support (probably because of the software decoding), and the external sdcard support (which varies depending on the application used : some can use it with no issue, some crash, and some do not see it).

And it is most probably affected by security flaw (I suppose).

NB : @iacchi86 , the build id I have is the same as yours, but I can’t say if it’s enough to be sure it’s the latest version.

(daniel camacho) #152

guys how can i make the camera app to work? also ive noticed that the youtube app doesnt work anymore, not even on the 240p resolution :frowning:

(Gabeintothe) #153

Did anybody try to flash chromeos on this device?

(alex_mayorga) #154

¡Hola @Neo2SHYAlien!

Was there any progress there since?

I was dusting the Flatfish today and got tempted again to flash it but ideally, I would like to know there’s a sure way to bring it back to its museum piece status with Firefox OS.

Does anyone here have the bits and procedures to restore to its original state if one chooses to go back to Firefox OS?

BTW there’s also a postmarketOS port it seems.


(Neo2shyalien) #155

Hi @alex_mayorga unfortunately no. I just setup my 4.4 repo but didn’t try to build it - lack of time and a lot of lazy Sundays … Maybe one day I will try to build it - the biggest benefit which I expect is hardware acceleration for videos and little bit more recent os.
I’m using my tablet mainly for ebook reading and on this front everything is fine :smile: