Is it possible to flash Android on a Flatfish?

(alex_mayorga) #154

¡Hola @Neo2SHYAlien!

Was there any progress there since?

I was dusting the Flatfish today and got tempted again to flash it but ideally, I would like to know there’s a sure way to bring it back to its museum piece status with Firefox OS.

Does anyone here have the bits and procedures to restore to its original state if one chooses to go back to Firefox OS?

BTW there’s also a postmarketOS port it seems.


(Neo2shyalien) #155

Hi @alex_mayorga unfortunately no. I just setup my 4.4 repo but didn’t try to build it - lack of time and a lot of lazy Sundays … Maybe one day I will try to build it - the biggest benefit which I expect is hardware acceleration for videos and little bit more recent os.
I’m using my tablet mainly for ebook reading and on this front everything is fine :smile:

(Biraj Karmakar) #156

It would be great if someone from those who successfully installed android in Flast fish can write a blog for general with clean and clear, to the point English post.

(Will) #157

Rather than ruin a FirefoxOS tablet by putting Android on it, why not buy an Android tablet instead and give or sell the Flatfish or Vixen to someone that wants a FirefoxOS tablet, e.g. me! :smiley:

(Neo2shyalien) #158


  1. because I can
  2. because is quite funny to learn new things
  3. because I want to educate my self
  4. because ffos is useless and was dead almost in the moment when was born
  5. I dont see anything wrong in that to improve the device OS ecosystem :wink:

Don’t understand me wrong I’m huge firefox fan this is my browser since version 1.0.2 but wasting of the device with dead OS for me is pointless.

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(Will) #159

All good points, you’re right. Please excuse me if my post wound you up, I actually intended it to be a bit jovial, I should have made that clearer.

(Cristian Silaghi) #161

@Neo2SHYAlien do you still have latest Android build? I still have my Flatfish and I would like to flash your most recent work. Dunno which images/files should I use and this topic is pretty big. I would appreciate if you could point me. :slight_smile:

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #162

I was trying to see videos online with the latest Firefox for Android version but they are not working.
Also with the NetFlix app (I downloaded an old one of 2015 that is comaptible with Android 4.2).
There are any chance to use that tablet to see videos? Right now only as ebook reader is not so good for the quality of the tablet itself.

(Kieudienkhung) #163

Các bạn có thể cho tôi bộ rom cho Infocus flatfish này không. Tôi đã flash đầy đủ nhưng camera không hoạt động.

(Kieudienkhung) #164

Mình có thể xin line rom của bạn. Cảm ơn!

(Neo2shyalien) #165

Did you follow this instructions? Can you show me your media_codecs.xml ? Try to replace it with this one. This fill enable only CPU decoding you will have only SD video decoding. I have repo on my local PC for 4.4.4 but there is no time to spend over this project. In 4.4.4 I believe everything will works fine with hardware decoding :slight_smile:

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(Kieudienkhung) #166

My camera doesn’t work though I’ve installed many other applications. Please help

(Andrew [:feer56] ) #167

Has anybody tried this out lately and had more luck? I’ve got some time and was looking to flash mine to Android. Do we have a solution for the camera issue?

@alex_mayorga @Neo2SHYAlien

(alex_mayorga) #168

¡Hola @feer56!

I believe @etrapani might be more “in the know” here.

I will try and give this a go this weekend and see how it goes.


(alex_mayorga) #169


I got stuck as this file doesn’t seem to exist anymore.

Does anyone here happens to have a copy they could share?


(YFdyh000) #170!UUchRQDZ!Q6mjgO5i9VU3HSeGe6nqXfgIZ06Sg699OSGA1jllTt8

(Eduardo Trápani) #171

Something happened with Firefox, a while ago, and I cannot see videos either. But now I see them with VLC or NewPipe Legacy.

(Eduardo Trápani) #172

I’ve been using it for a long time with Android 4.2. I built it and, to be honest, I don’t remember every step. I might give it a try with a newer Android version. For the camera, other applications work, no idea why the builtin app doesn’t. You can get one from Fdroid.

(Mossroy) #173

I’m still using this old Android ROM on my Flatfish device, and very happy that it gave a second life to this device. Many thanks to those wo worked on it.
It’s not perfect, but it’s suitable for all the use-cases I have.

An update would be great to have the latest security patches, and also because some apps start to be incompatible.

(Neo2shyalien) #174

I don’t believe the newer version than 4.4 is possible for this hardware. Everything is limited by allwinner close source :slight_smile: I found 1 device with same hardware with android 4.4 Mixtile on which I made base for my work for porting 4.4 but last few years was quite dramatically for me and this project just waiting to be finished :slight_smile: Except the camera and hardware video acceleration everything more or less is working and is good enough for DD - I’m using my flatfish mainly for ebook reading.