Is it possible to use a Third Party Library only available via npm and CDN? (Material Design)

Hi all,

I’ve been working on an extension that is using Google’s Material Design. However, there are only two easy ways to install it: via npm and a CDN.

It seems like the Firefox Third Party Library Review Guidelines only wants developers to “link” to a file on the library’s official website or GitHub repository. I searched, and it looks like Google doesn’t host the minified js file in their repo when they do their releases. Instead, it seems they just put out a source zip that you need to build yourself.

If you install it via npm, as they recommend on their GitHub, you get the min.js and unminified JS built for you. So, instead of a link, when submitting the extension, could I link to their GitHub page and ask the reviewer to install the library via npm, like npm install material-components-web@5.1.0 in order to verify the library matches up with what’s in the extension?

Typically you’d include what’s served on NPM in the official package in this case, yes.

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