Is KaiOS violating license terms of Firefox OS?

(Shashikanth Reddy Palvatla) #1

KaiOS has not released their source code.

As per Apache License, Version 2.0 terms of B2G OS, they have to release source code along with the copy of the same license.

So, is KaiOS violating license terms of Firefox OS?

(Will) #2

I think the Apache license is permissive, not copyleft, so they don’t have to release the code for their modifications to Gaia. However, the Gecko and Gonk parts are licensed under Mozilla public licence and GPL, LGPL, so the source code for these should be released.

However, it’s more complicated than that, since the licenses only require the distributor to make the code available to the recipient of the object code. So, whilst KaiOS probably provide source code to their customers which are the companies who make the phones, it is actually the phone makers who should make the code available to the buyers of those phones, i.e. the public.

However, I think in the spirit of the licenses and to respect the contributions that the Mozilla community made to their code base, KaiOS should release their source code, whatever the licenses actually say.