Is there an add-on or a way to hotswitch between always asking to save files, and automatically save files to my DL directory?

I find myself switching between two setups a lot. During normal use I like to have Firefox ask me where to save all files and then I manually save them.

However when I need to download things in bulk (100+ items), this gets really tedious, so I open the settings and change the download preferences to something like this:

That way, when I click on a zip file, it just saves it. I don’t have to worry about the popup asking me where I want to save the file.

The catch is - I only want to do this when I need to download files in bulk. Normally I have this kind of setup:

Switching between these two “download profiles” gets really tedious and I am left wondering if there is some kind of solution that could auto-switch between both of these settings.

Does anyone know of a quick way to accomplish this besides just going into the settings and doing it manually?

I would REALLY appreciate any help or feedback on this!

Thanks so much,