Is Things Cloud open source?

(Nuwan Jayawardene) #1

I’m pretty new to Mozilla IoT and still familiarizing myself with the product architecture.
I actually came across the project by chance when a member suggested in on a webOS forum thread.

One detail I’m finding difficult to get around is if Things Cloud is open source.
I scoured through the documentation and the blogs (the ones posted by @benfrancis in particular) and I realized that Things Gateway and Web Things have been well covered except Things Cloud.

Is there a separate things Cloud repository on GitHub? Or a whitepaper of sorts to refer to?


Mozilla IoT Cloud
(Martin Giger) #2

I assume you’re refering to the bit that lets you access your gateway under a constant domain, thus making it available anywhere? That’s as far as I know.


(Nuwan Jayawardene) #3

Hi @freaktechnik

Yes, I did notice the registration server while going through the repos but was unsure since there wasn’t any reference to “Things Cloud” on the readme or anywhere else.

Plus, @benfrancis’s blog mentions that the Things Cloud component is a “collection of Mozilla-hosted cloud services” and brushes through it putting more emphasis on the Things Gateway component.

So is the registration-server the actual Things Cloud or a proxy?
The readme makes it seem more like a proxy though, i.e; “This server exposes a HTTP(S) API that lets you register a gateway with the server.
So, is it the actual Things Cloud server or a different server? :confused:


(Martin Giger) #4

As that blogpost mentions, the main component that’s out from that architecture is the gateway, and now many frameworks to build webthings are out too. As far as I know the things cloud you’re looking for isn’t a reality yet.

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(Nuwan Jayawardene) #5

Noted. Thanks for the clarification @freaktechnik

I was having a bit of trouble there trying to find why the Things Cloud is only mentioned once or twice and has never been brought up again. :sweat_smile:

If I may ask, is it still in development? Or has it been dropped in favour of integrating the Gateway with existing IoT Cloud platforms?


(Ben Francis) #6

@freaktechnik is correct, the only part that has been implemented so far under the umbrella of “Things Cloud” is the TLS tunnelling service, which is open source.

We actually don’t currently have any concrete plans for any other components, but may do in future.

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