Issue with desktop notifications - known?

Hey all,

So I use HipChat for work and I imagine that I’m the only person on a Firefox OS device using HipChat. At some point after the last update notifications for HipChat stopped working. It uses “desktop notifications” it’s just the web version of the service. I am not sure if it stopped working at the update, or if something else is causing the problem. Are there any known issues with notifications? Other apps are notifying ok, calendar, email, telegram, but I think they use a different mechanism.


Notification got busted on a build, there’s a patch to fix the
notification; at the same time, I’m not sure if it ever made a FOTA. I
would need to know your build id in order to determine if you’re affected
by this.

Furthermore, the project is being sunsetted. I’m not sure what this means
for the project.

Build Identifier: 20151230201227

I can understand halting new features, but hopefully things like regressions would continue to be fixed for a little while.

Yes ,I think you are on a build where the notification broke. There’s an
update coming on wednesday if things go right today.

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Just to keep you updated on the update, I believe there’s going to be a
messaging with it.
I believe that the update will be released on Monday along with the

Thanks, though boo messaging :-p

Fixed in the update!

Thanks for the follow up. Glad to hear it’s working again.