It what? I'm app-less

I suspect I’m somewhere between:
Everything is building/flashing fine (flame-kk), BUT…there are no apps in the gaia repo (kanikani?) and thus when/if the phone boots, it tries to give me the SIM unlock screen (somewhere on and then off screen), and then fails to present a keyboard. . .and can also sort of swipe to the pinned pages, but that’s about it. Do I need some other branch, or configuration?

The old Firefox onboarding/language/timezone/etc. is just gone, but maybe this is intentional.

Thanks! - JBG

I have pushed quite a lot of changes, can you make sure you have everything uptodate ? Current status is that it should shows icons but software home button is broken: any help is welcome to fix it.

Great, np…happy to have a look. Do you mind sharing branch/commit hashes so I know I’m building the right thing?


@lissyx thanks for the reply…with these commit hashes the “Unknown option: --with-android-ndk” issue returns. I have set an env variable (B2G_ANDROID_NDK_PATH).

Please update gonk-misc as documented on the thread