Itead Sonoff might be good to consider

(Rzr) #21

There are various projects to provide alt fw for ESP8266 based products, I guess they should be adapted to support PlatformIO, any preferences ?


(Kathy Giori) #22

One question is whether or not there is a way to re-image a Sonoff smart plug without breaking open the plastic molding. Even better however would be to find an engineer who works for itead to implement native web thing support in the product directly. Mozilla would happily provide her (or him) with a web thing API implementation for Sonoff smart plugs, in any language. Knock, knock, anyone home at iTead?


(Galicz Miklós) #23

If anyone is still interested, here’s the repo for the Sonoff Basic WebThing native implementation :smiley:

This repo is intended to be a tech demo, and not a full solution like Tasmota / ESPUrna / ESPEasy / …
If you wan’t that kind of functionality, I’d recommend asking them to implement the API.


(Rzr) #24

Thanks, I was about to do it, but you were faster at reimplementing it. (btw the LED example is similar isnt it ? ssid is still hardcoded) .

The other approch would be to patch Tasmota to use webthing API.

At worst case if Tasmota does not want to use WT API, we can still bridge to current REST API or MQTT (to use vanilla Tasmota).

Any opinion to push this further ?


(Galicz Miklós) #25

The library was in the works for some time, but never gotten around to it, and yes it’s very similar to the LEDLamp example. Sometimes people only need a familiar situation to get the gears working :wink:

Both Tasmota & ESPUrna are very modular in their structure, it’s a pleasure to look at and with so many compiling options I would believe that there can be a place for the WT API to be implemented.
The question are: Will the implementation cause any bugs? How can the WT API modularized to fit all use cases?
Also the WT API -in my opinion- is mature enough to handle what the Sonoffs can throw at it, but this may be a concern of the developers.


(Rzr) #26

Is anyone interested to upstream this in:

I can mentor newcomers developers if needed


(Rzr) #27

Or use a fallback MQTT webthing as I hacked for a demo:


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(Galicz Miklós) #28

It seems we won’t be seeing a Tasmota implementation for the foreseeable future, but on the ESPUrna side, it’s coming along nicely!

Thanks @rzr!


(Kajmaj) #29

Hi all.
Technically I introduced Itead Sonoff (with TASMOTA fw) to this discussion almost exactly one year ago.
It seems to me, that folks around this project are oriented to another direction.
After one year I run nearly 60 devices (with TASMOTA FW) within my home automation system. All of them work flawlessly.
Tasmota upgraded widely and range of compatible devices dramatically increased as well.
It works with HASSIO, Domoticz, OpenHUB, Yeti etc., but not with Mozilla IOT.

Simply said - you should use anything but MozillaIOT if you are using Tasmotized device.


(Ben Francis) #30

Hi @kajmaj,

Unfortunately our very small core team can not implement support for all smart home products on our own, but that’s why we created the add-ons system. We welcome contributions in the form of adapter add-ons, or in fact custom firmware to turn Sonoff devices into native web things!


(Kajmaj) #31

I understand that it is not easy to satisfy all and it is not a criticism at all.
It is an info oriented more to current users of “tasmota” devices that waiting might be long :slight_smile:


(William Durand) #32

Hi, the Tasmota firmware is MQTT-oriented and their author said they would not accept a contribution to support other communication protocols like WoT. The Domoticz, OpenHAB and other integrations are all MQTT-based.

The Things Gateway would support Tasmota devices by having a MQTT adapter. I believe such an adapter could be very nice for hobbyists since MQTT is often used by them. We could maybe try to continue the work started in

And because I did not see this thread before (sic!), I also open-sourced a firmware for Sonoff Basic devices:, including SmartConfig, OTA, etc.