It's Done - for Family Organizers

(Tiffanie) #1

Rather than remind people, how can we help let the family organizer know the task was done?

This idea/insight came from the Busy Family research I participated in during September. The family organizers would remind and remind family members to do tasks. But even though it was delegated, the task remained on the organizer’s “list” (mentally or externally) until they could verify it was done. It was only then that it could be “checked off”.

I don’t know what the idea is, but It seems like there is something there - less about helping with reminders and more around helping the organizer learn that the task was done.

(KatieC) #2

This is a tricky one for sure, but I think you’re onto something interesting. One can imagine having a task delegated to you, and then just checking it off as done, just to get the ‘delegator’ off your back… even when the task has not been done.

Maybe we talk to people about the types of tasks they delegate? If we understand how they measure the completeness of a specific ‘task’ - we can better understand how to mark something, honestly, as done? Maybe there’s a time factor and level of prioritization also to be considered? If we can understand the “barriers”, the things that get in the way of actually getting things done, we can help people? motivate people? reward people? …for doing the tasks that have been delegated to them.

I wonder if the measure of ‘completeness’ of a task is the same for both parties (delegator & delegatee - are those even words?!) ? Perhaps a survey could uncover some further insights? Let’s find an hour sometime and whiteboard some ideas?

(Tiffanie) #3

Sure! That sounds fun :slight_smile: