Just got my flatfish tablet, few questions

(Stephen J Murphy) #1

Hi folks,

I just received my flatfish tablet and have a few questions regarding the device before I start developing and flashing the device.

  1. Blogging about the device/hacks/fixes and how tos. Is this allowed or are we keeping it internal?

  2. I see there is no solid solution to flashing an image on OS X. What is the status on this and problem for that matter? I always flashed various Keons and Peaks using the terminal on OS X and the ADB/Fastboot files from the Android Studio.

3). Will system updates be pushed to the device in the future of the 2.x branch?

Thats all I can think of for now.

Thanks guys

(Steve Lee) #2

One issue is that the USB vendor id changes once the device enters fastboot and it is not seen (there is a bug for that). There appeared to be no way to specify Ids as you can in Linux. I’m not sure about ADB access.

(A.Ben) #3
  1. yes
  2. slee answered that
  3. Some build are already available here

(Stephen J Murphy) #4

Thanks for the replies guys. I might try and get a vagrant VM set up for flashing!