Just received tablet -- A few questions

(Robin Jacobs) #1

Hi. I just received my Flatfish tablet, and have a few questions;

1. How do I upgrade the firmware (on Linux), and where can I (safely) get the files from? The firmware it came with is flatfish_20140120-1529, which is quite old if the 01 stands for january like I assume it does. Not on Linux, but I did manage to upgrade my firmware.
2. It came with a US charger. I have an adapter, but it doesn’t covert the voltage between 110V<->220V. Is this fine, or should I keep that adapter as far away form the tablet as possible? I’ve never had a problem charging my MP3 player with it, but as I understand some devices might not like it all that much :smile: A passive adapter works just fine :smile:
3. Has anyone found out about a cover/sleeve that fits?
4. I read this sticky; https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/if-you-have-a-flatfish-tablet-or-will-be-receiving-one-it-is-important-that-you-read-this-post-to-help-prevent-bricking-your-tablet/456/45Developer menu was checked by default, but I see no developer menu on the left. So I’m not certain how I should proceed in enabling ADB. ADB was enabled by default.

Thanks in advance. I’m excited to be a part of this program :smile:

(Robin Jacobs) #2

In the mean time I found this page. The instructions aren’t working, though.

[robin@pingwing 20140725]$ ./flash-flatfish.sh .
Start the flash-flatfish.sh procedure.

--- Image files checking ---
Good, image files are in position now.

--- Check to see if the adb works properly (for Android 4.2 and above) ---
'adb' works fine.

--- Check to see if the flatfish device is ready ---
Good, it looks to be Okay.

--- Change into the fastboot mode ---

[[ Execute: adb shell reboot boot-fastboot ]]
E: the open device is /dev/block/mmcblk0p9
Wait for 10 seconds for the device to get ready in the fastboot mode ... Done.

--- Let's see if it's already in the fastboot mode ---
Error: Fastboot mode is not detected. Check to see if the device is not turned on.
*Note: If it is powered but both 'adb' and 'fastboot' could not work, 
       please check to see if the device has become brick. (Bug 1026963)

At this point the tablet is showing the “Firefox OS Contribution Program” splash screen. I need to hold down the button to turn it off.

(Steve Lee) #3

I think you normally just run ./flash.sh which delegates to device specific ones after some setup. Try the Tablet specific page
https://wiki.mozilla.org/FirefoxOS/TCP/Patching though it seems to have little more. info right now.

There were initial problems getting flashing to work due to to fastboot not working so I suggest you pop on IRC #tcp or look for another thread here on discourse. Caspy7 was doing a lot on flashing with others.

(Steve Lee) #4

My appologies - the page you found appears to be the one @Caspy7 created recently - the path confused me. I guess it’s still beta and will move under TCP when proven (though I thought it works OK)

(Robin Jacobs) #5

Fastboot was indeed not woking. I ended up having to install some drivers and flash a recovery image first.

It seems to be working fine, now :smile:


(Steve Lee) #6

My charger says it works 100 to 240 v at 50/60Hz. This is almost universal these days so your mechanical-only adaptor should be fine. I use a UK shaver adapter for my US chargers.

(Daniele Scasciafratte) #7

I’ve the same question for the cover/sleeve :smiley: