KaiOS & Mozilla Partnership. Any scope for B2G?

Recently Mozilla & KaiOS Technologies entered a partnership to enhance KaiOS https://www.kaiostech.com/press/kaios-technologies-and-mozilla-partner-to-enable-a-healthy-mobile-internet-for-everyone/

Do we have any scope for Community collaboration in this partnership ? Like testing & reporting bugs etc…

Please share your thoughts :slight_smile:

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Hi @kskarthik,

As far as I know there is some scope for community involvement. @gsvelto can confirm what’s happening on the Mozilla side, I think there are some internal hurdles to pass before the project branch can be posted publicly and people can start to contribute.

On the KaiOS side @fabrice has posted links to the KaiOS version of gecko in the Matrix chat channel:

A b2g-desktop build can be made from that. Gonk support not included yet, but it will only support Android 10 base and later.

Please join us in the Matrix channel for the most up to date discussion, although I think some topics would be better discussed here in Discourse to keep them focussed and more accessible to those who aren’t continuously in Matrix.

Cheers :slightly_smiling_face:

There will be ample scope for the community when we get the ball rolling! For now we’re still in the early stages of the collaboration so there’s not much to work on, let alone to test. But give it a few months and I’m sure there will certainly be interesting stuff to do on the project.

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Great to know that !

Hi, is Mozilla also considering a partnership with Panasonic? Their smart TVs (MyHomeScreen OS) are based on the B2G OS, so it would make sense to collaborate.

I have a PINE Phone, Flame by T-Moblise, Fx0 by KDDI, atom by unihelz and Pixel3.
If KaiOS images can be provided to these smartphones, I would like to Fox Fooding.

Is there any consideration of making the kaios UI (gaia) open source? It helps in creating a healthy modding community around Kai OS, Just like google’s android.

@madbilly Please point me to the link Matrix channel ! I’m excited to join !

Hi Karthik, you should be able to join from https://matrix.to/#/!LlQEEzLApSDuzuOwtu:mozilla.org?via=mozilla.org&via=matrix.org&via=tchncs.de

How to install Firefox OS on following devices

  1. Microsoft Lumia 435
  2. Oale CC2

I am looking forward to hear from you soon.

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