Key Results 2.2 OKRs 3

(Edoardo Viola) #1

Hello lovely Reps,
In the last months for the OKRs 3 I worked on the Key Result 2.2 regarding the participation of Reps in the new campaign. Specifically, the goal was:
70% of the Reps are contributing at the success of the campaigns by either engaging other contributors to participate or contributing themselves.

The planification of the Tasks and the descriptions to reach the goal are listed here:

Communicate with Reps
Since 2018, we have several campaigns, but not every reps know that campaign is our focus for now. We also found that it’s hard to find all the previous campaigns informations. So we feel that the effort of the campaigns will be improved by a massive participation of our Reps.

Gx : Goal number x
Ty : Task number y

G1: Publish an discourse post to introduce all the campaigns

  • T1: the effort, outcome and next plan this year.
  • T2: List all the previous campaigns
  • T3: Collect information about it that include:
    • Campaign link
    • Local events link (events on rep portal or other)
    • Slide of result and analysis (if any we currently have and used internally)
  • T4: Create a Post on Discourse asking at all the reps to share their contribution in the listed campaigns and add information about other campaigns where they have participated in the past (including Link of report, photos and other info)

G2: Create a Post to ask at the reps share the result of the new campaign with all the infos

  • T1: Crate and Publish the post

G3: Create a Feedback Form with closed questions

  • T1: Create a Feedback form with closed questions
    (need to work closely with all the Campaign team)
  • T2: Collect all the information and make stats
  • T3: Open a Discourse Thread to share and to discuss about it

G4: Create a thread for rep to suggest next campaign ideas

G5: Collect the list of rep who had host a campaign events

  • T1: vouch for them once on Mozillians (if they haven’t already have full 3)
  • T2: reach to them first on next campaign
  • T3: form a campaign task force to working on resources, promotion and other things.

We are a little on delay in the plan, because we need to await more information about all the Reps in order to complete G3, G4, and G5.

We’ve already done the G1 [Link] and we are finishing the text review of the G2 [Link] task that was just published today.

Probably we need to move the last points of the original plan to the Q4 OKR, because is it’s still relevant to know more about the participation of the Reps in the last campaigns.

I still remain at your disposal for any information or for your feedback on it.
My Best,