Keyboard shortcut to open Notes

(Martinbase) #1

I wonder if there is a keyboard shortcut to open Notes or if it’s planned to implement them?

It would save precious clicks and some screen real estate if we can open Notes quickly :slight_smile:

(YFdyh000) #2

(Anmar Oueja) #3

Given the nature of notes, taking quick information quickly, I think the hotkey is essential. In addition, when the hot key is implemented, it should move the cursor to the end of the last line in the note itself so the use is ready to jot down their thoughts immediately.

One side note, I used emacs key bindings in Ubuntu Linux so please see if you can refrain from CTRL-A, E, N, P, B, and F ( I realise of those are taken already). Thanks for all the fantastic work you are doing on FF.

(vladikoff) #4

Keyboard shortcut is now available in the latest version.

Use “Alt+Shift+W” to open the Notes sidebar easily.

To remember the shortcut think of “W” as a shortcut for “Write some notes”. :slight_smile:

The Web Extension team is also working on a way to customize these shortcuts in the future.

(James Firth) #5

I think it’d be good if there was a shortcut for focusing Notes as well.

That way I could hit a key combo and just keep typing my thoughts.

I’d also be curious to think what people thought if the Alt+Shift+W shortcut also focused the writing space in Notes.

(Caroline Johnson) #6

The shortcut is honestly horrible - Ctrl+W is kill current tab, and Ctrl+Alt+W is kill Firefox.

(Mirek) #7

ALT+SHIFT+W doesn’t work for me (Fx57, Fx58). Tried with left and right Alt.
Is it not compatible with Polish locale of Firefox or sth has changed since August?

(Stefano Cecere) #8

and there isn0t even a direct toolbar button to access them… or we put them in the Library submenu, or it should have a direct button (with dedicated keyboard shortcut)

(Natim) #9

Since 2.1.1 you do have a toolbar button.

Note compatibilty?
(Graham Perrin) #10

Please do.

(Firefox Test Pilot) Notes keyboard shortcut conflict with Display #Anchors · Issue #7 · Rob–W/display-anchors