Keynotes from Whistler on Air Mozilla

(Janet Swisher) #1

Folks were asking for the videos on Air Mozilla from Whistler. Here is the link:


@jswisher @hlee @emma_irwin (and anyone else who was there) - could you remind us which parts of which talks spoke to you? I know we referenced a few in the meeting. I think having that context is a good jump off point for diving into the videos.

(Emma Irwin) #3

The first thing Chris talks about here:
“how fleeting our time is on this planet, and how we spend that time matters”. “The privileged we have/ to leave it a better place”. Spoke to me big time, personally but also our community. Felt grateful to have a CEO that opens with this appreciation.

(Janet Swisher) #4

I was struck by Mitchell’s frank discussion, here: