Kuma, schedule updates, where should i look

i assume that kuma is updated frequently or on need basis.

info about update schedule ?
why ? to abstain from editng and saving changes.

is there any possibility of breaking changes ?
i mean something might happen unintentionally.

list of changes ?
i am particularly interested from editing of view. i might find something useful which i am unaware of it.

Hey there, can you say what you mean by update? Code is being merged almost every day, production pushes are irregular, but usually at least once per week.

hello @atopal

i mean fixing issues, introducing or modifying new features, etc… i mean like releasing stable updates of an application. ex: firefox 71.0

ah, okay. We work with a 12 day sprint model. The next one will start on Monday October 28 and end November 12

you can see everything in our sprint by filter for the milestone. The next one is: https://github.com/mdn/kuma/milestone/7

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