Launch of the Tech Speaker Program website

(Jean-Yves Perrier) #1

Hello, everybody!

We are particularly pleased to announce the launch of the Tech Speaker website.

Thanks to the work of Havi, Michael and Flaki, we have been successful at building out our infrastructure and creating comprehensive documentation aimed at Tech Speakers: this has allowed them to navigate our processes, to get support from Mozilla, and to be able to reach more audiences and speak about the technologies that you all care about.

However, one element that we have been lacking is a more generic way to present the Tech Speaker program to the outside world. This new website is a first step towards closing this gap.

It is a very simple website that presents the Tech Speaker program as a whole and is aimed at those people who want to discover the program, aspire to be Tech Speakers, organize conferences, as well as other like-minded people.

Arielle Kilroy and Viorela Ioia from Participation Systems built this site on top of a SplashThat instance that powers more and more Mozilla’s event-related websites. I want to thank both of them heartily for their great work and availability, and I also want to give a special thanks to Michael Ellis, Flaki, and Ali Spivak for their amazing help on the content, incredibly useful feedback, and continuous support.

In the (hopefully not too far) future, we hope to build on top of this first version and to make the content more dynamic, but this is a solid first step in the right direction.

Feel free to reach me by e-mail if you have any feedback about it.


Jean-Yves Perrier, for the Tech Speaker Team.