Leadership Toolkit Update

After presenting the personal leadership framework at Mozilla All Hands, @meeko @nukeador @deimidis and I have been working on a prototype.

We prioritized the participation leaders skills, behaviours and abilities based on @emma_irwin 's work and directly correlated them to the three major themes for the next 6 months.

Then we took the “personal leadership framework and competencies” and connected all the skills, knowledge and behaviours.

Finally - we have started adding “How to” or “What is” resources to describe and explain how Mozillians can figure out how to develop these personal leadership competencies.

The Work in Progress Leadership Toolkit Work can be found HERE

Additionally - this is a blog post about Mozilla All Hands and my experiences as a volunteer:

We look forward to trying to “prototype” this toolkit over the next 6 months.

If anyone has any folders with “organizational” documents and they are willing to share them it would be greatly appreciated…

How to set up a Hackathon…"
How to do a Mozilla presentation…
How to design a budget for a Mozilla event…
How to rethink conflict resolution…
How to start a club on a campus…

Please forward all documents/templates folders to: verenanz@gmail.com


Verena :smile:


With @edovio we are working on something similar about How to organize an event for our Firefox Club/FSA so when the material will be ready will be share here of course :slight_smile:

In the past i started a discussion https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/protocol-for-recruit-new-mozillians/5528/ about How to recruit a mozillians but I think that I will write my procedure :slight_smile:

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@verenanz I am currently looking for a project so if I can help in anyway let me know.

Just met with @verenanz and am currently reviewing all of the materials that came out of all-hands to catch up on it and make the connections back to the work @emma_irwin, Helen, and I did last year.

Going to help them start to formalize the early drafts and get versions up on GitHub.

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@verenanz I have some previous curricula that I can contribute to the Toolkit. Let me know where you’d like me to post them. Tried sifting through all the links but wasn’t sure where you were collecting them.

@vernanz and @hlee there is this thread @emma_irwin started: https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/learning-resources/6376. Why don’t we begin by sharing here. It is a first level of contribution. Then if we like the resource we can move to the shared gDrive for development.

If we get to a place where we like a resource for the toolkit and want it elevated to canon we can get it up on GitHub for final steps.

@hlee just respond to this thread and drop the resource in.

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That sounds good, I see there’s the existing shared Google Doc which has a list of great resources posted by @verenanz as “Work in Progress Leadership Toolkit”.

Last year I did a workshop on “Design Thinking: Maximizing Resources in your Community” targeted towards community volunteer leaders who work with limited resources. Here’s the blog post - http://bc.mozillacanada.org/mozfest-2015-design-thinking-maximize-resources-in-your-community/

By the way, I didn’t see in the Google Doc but there’s also existing Leadership Curriculum based on the Singapore Leadership Summit we had back in January 2016. There were sessions such as “Recruiting Volunteers”, “Personality Test” & “Diversity” which would be awesome resources to add into the Toolkit.

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Thanks @jgmac1106 and @hlee for chiming in here, I think you have provided a lot of useful information to @verenanz and @meeko and you are more than welcomed to join them to give this toolkit a better shape.

In the same google doc you can see a list of next steps for this project from July 6th. Once @meeko is back we’ll have another sync meeting to see where we are, and we are currently defining Participation team Q3 OKRs where we will have something around this and a github issue to track progress this quarter.


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Awesome thanks for catching me up. You feel so far behind when you don’t hit an all-hands. Was just readint your issues from 420-428. You should do a tutorial on how to write good github issues. Mine are usally rambling half bloggy messes.

I had written a blog post back in July last year about the processes involved in setting up a Firefox Club on campus and host events. Hope it helps!

Post: FSA rationale and process

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Here is an older list of resources that Laura Hilliger curated: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1VHj-89BhI4HtUQfXOW9jKlSGLx-FXV9Er1G86HKvtZU/edit?usp=sharing

Good luck Verena! If I come across anything that hasn’t already been mentioned here, I will send it to you. If you need any feedback on campus leadership or hackathons, let me know :slight_smile: