Learn & Master Git at BRAC University Mozilla Club

(Maruf Rahman 95) #1

Mozilla has always wanted people to learn technologies so-that they can use web for the development of themselves and the world . Mozilla has selected some useful activities to “Mozilla Campus Clubs” so that the students can learn essential web technologies. Git is one of these such free and open source distributed version control system designed to handle everything from small to very large projects with speed and efficiency. Last Thursday (22.02.2017) BRAC University Mozilla Club organized an event on Git.

You can learn more about the event from here…

(Azmina721) #2

@maruf.rahman.95 well done ! :smiley: Good to see some awesome works. Keep it up (Y)

(Christos Bacharakis) #3

Hi there and thanks for that.

Please report your club’s activities through the relevant report link on the website. The reporting link for the February activities will be released in the 1st of March.


(Mahfuza Humayra mohona) #4

great event . hope to see more activities soon… :slight_smile: