"Let’s talk about Mozilla" community meetup in Taipei

I’d like to share an event we host on March 6, Tuesday night.

We host a free discussion meetup, without pre-defined topics on that Tuesday, we ask people to bring their questions.

There are 25 participants, including previous staff, students, and long/new volunteers.

People care about below topics,

  • Firefox’s market share status,
  • More closing channel & information eg., mana wiki, slack…etc
  • Lack of product (Firefox) roadmap,
  • Participation status including reps, students,
  • The existing of grassroots Mozilla community (like pre-reps years),
  • MoFo’s current projects,
  • Mozila Manefisto’s addendum from Mitchell,
  • and recent silent of Mozilla

Overall, people feel more un-oriented of participation in Mozilla, especially after Firefox OS period.

One main question arises is - if there is a new student come to us, what can we show them to help.

Some years ago, there are many tech/non-tech things that people can jump in, and we have a clear goal that is to kill IE.
Now there are fewer things, more enter limit/barriers, and less clear directions.

This is brief meeting note in Chinese, https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/talk_about_mozilla

I hope this discussion can bring some ideas to you, and perhaps everyone can also try talking to your local contributors, to see if they feel the same, or there is difference feeling across regions.