Let's discuss about project status announcement for 25th July (B2G's b'day)

Hi Mozillians,

B2G is celebrating it’s 5th birthday on 25th of this month. So, it’s time to show a outlook of our work status on B2G OS & our roadmap.

Note that 25th July is B2G’s 5th Birthday!

Let’s take the opportunity for a celebration and some communications
Have to be careful with our messaging
Take into account status of Tablet and SmartTV projects
Define clearly defined roles and responsibilities of where we need
help (though with volunteer roles, we have to be careful they don’t look
like job descriptions!)
A plan or timeline of what we’re planning - roadmap to 3.0 alpha?
List of features we need for an Alpha release?

Progress so far:

  1. We currently have the dialer & clock app working (PR not yet landed for clock)
  2. Translations ongoing on wiki & MDN
  3. Almost all apps are adopted & they are WIP
  4. Some device ports

##Project Roadmap:

Let’s discuss now :slight_smile:

I propose that we focus first on a kind of “alpha version” (alpha
because it will not be feature complete) of the system, done in for
instance 2 months, with a tiny core of really important apps to be able
to use the phone as a daily phone (and therefore enabling more people to
work with it).
IMHO it will include the contact app (added to the dialer, already working), the sms app and the clock app (having an alarm clock might be necessary for a lot of people).
This will obviously will only be a goal, something to focus on, but if people wants to work on other apps, obviously they can

I’d like to explore (and we’re currently exploring this on Project
Tablet too) is replacing device APIs (e.g. telephony) in Gecko with
local web services outside of Gecko. This will help us move more apps
over to the new architecture and may help avoid having to turn them all
into chrome.

Hi All,

The B2GOS first release post transition should i think first to be robust,
stable and clean.
Personally i don’t think we should rush into tones of feature but focus of
the minimum andmake sure we have a solid platform to build on.
In term of feature i would say:

Robust,Robust,robust !Dialer (meaning being able to receive and place a call)SMSClockWeb BrowseCalc


For the roadmap, see this proposal : https://discourse.mozilla-community.org/t/suggestion-fo-reflexion/9302/1

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So if we take the opportunity of communicating about the project, what should we do ?

Share again the call for contribution, with an updated version ?
Or make an announcement, while linking to the call for contribution, and highlighting our current status - and a roadmap ? (or just a goal for an alpha version, without any date ?)

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yes, a simple roadmap (without dates :wink: )

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It might not be super formal (and I think it’s better than a big announcement), we might just celebrate B2G’s birthday, and also give the information (to people asking,…) that we made a call for contribution, and what’s the “plan” for the next step (which apps should be ready for an alpha version for instance, without any date).

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I think this hypothesis could be the best one. It’s a way to celebrate without assuming any kind of deadline or duty with the community … !

And it’s a good way to take no risk. I prefer to announce nothing rather than announcing things too soon.


well said, better we stay calm until we have some significant progress to show