Let's Make the web Ladies!

(Maliha) #1

We had a small kitchen party ; me and my womoz mentees on appmaker . We used appmaker teaching kits made by Laura , Biraj and others which we collected through out the webmaker mailing list. Since the kitchen party had a low number of participants we decided to have a video captured with all their wonderful experiance whilst working with the appmaker rather than taking photos. Hope everyone likes it !!

Cheers !!
Maliha :slight_smile:

(Chiorean Ioana) #2

The video is so awesome! Congrats Maliha!

(Maliha) #3

Thank You Ioana !! It means a lot coming from you !! :slight_smile:

(Gery Escalier) #4

Maliha, that good video, good idea to share video, congratulations! :smiley:

(Maliha) #5

Thank You :slight_smile: geryescalier

(Flore) #6

As I already said somewhere else, it’s really a great video! And it shows what a great event it was !

(Ajay Kumar Jogawath) #7

Congrats maliha! Awesome Video :slight_smile:

(Maliha) #8

Thanks Ajay :smiley: