Like to have addon "generate RSS feeds from any URL"

Hello: There are tech sites that generate rss for sites that have none, but they keep the feed as a third party. You tube shows as having one, but that info must be dated. I would like a system like RSS.App website has, but I want feeds to be my feeds. FetchRSS has a system I cannot figure out. So I think a sharp Tech person could make an add on as such.

Generate RSS feed from URL that has none.

Thanks for your help.

You want an RSS reader that can also just check a website for changes? Or do you want to be able to download an RSS feed that is generated from magic? The trick about RSS feeds is that they’re usually hosted by a server and can be updated by said server when something new is in there. That part for sure isn’t possible in an extension.

The issue is many websites have no rss feeds, The site, is an example of what I am looking for. It generates feeds. I would like to have control of the feed so, as you said, I can go get an updated feed. Most rss feeds update material quite often, so that is what I am looking for. FetchRSS I cannot figure out so I do not know if that would work.
If an extension can’t do it, maybe a plugin would. Thanks for responding.

Maybe it cannot be developed, but that is what I am looking for.

I think a scraper addon may work. Still working on the issue. Maybe extension or plugin. I’ll let you know when I solve the issue

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