Live Tiles for Home Page

I have recently installed Windows 11. One of the irritating things they have done (and in fact have been making difficult for some time) is the creation of a live tile Start-Up feature under the Windows button.
This enabled me to create a thematic structure to find and activate both apps and web pages. I could also change the size according to the amount of space I had and the relative importance/preference for ease of access.
It is now (at least as far as I am aware) only possible to make a list of apps that you’d be able to access quickly. Having scratched my head a little over this I tried to simulate these tiles on the home page of Firefox by getting bookmarks displayed as tiles. It is super clunky though, with no editing or organising ability.
If this were available I could represent the structure I find valuable and have Firefox home page opened on start-up. Is this something anyone else has thought of?

Hi Nick, I haven’t used Windows 11, but of course Windows 10 also had the ability to create differently sized tiles on the Start menu so I think I have the general idea.

The Shortcuts section of Firefox’s built-in Firefox Home/new tab page lets you assign your own URLs to the shortcuts, but I don’t think there is any way to automatically tap into your bookmarks, and there’s no convenient way to resize them.

Over the years, some add-on authors have replaced the built-in Firefox Home/new tab page with a page displaying bookmarks in various layouts (for example, BookmarksHome by ma2ten).

I don’t recall hearing about one that has user-resizable tiles, but that certainly seems technically possible. If you search a bit further perhaps you’ll find one? This is too general, but as a starting point:

If not, or if you don’t want to use an add-on for this, Mozilla set up a site for new product ideas:

(Unfortunately, it doesn’t use your Firefox Account for login.)

Hi, sorry to be so slow in replying.
I did try the add-on and the more general links, but neither gave me what I am looking for. It does seem to me that bookmarks and the toolbar actually miss a trick in terms of navigation as so much valuable screen space could be used to create a personalised interface. Anyone who has used W10 in tablet mode will be familiar with what they did to give this functionality. It sounds as though I should look for place to request this as a development opportunity. Best, Nick