Lockbox app authentication issue with 2FA code

(Dave Rideout) #1

i folks - i’m having trouble logging into lockbox ios app with my firefox ID today. after i enter my password it asks for the security code from my authentication app. I type that in and despite receiving successful login emails, the app stays on the security code verify screen and never progresses. hoping this is the write email to contact.

thanks for any insight you can offer!

(Devin Reams) #2

Hey Dave, thanks for the report, we’ve confirmed there is an authentication issue (not just affecting Firefox Lockbox).

The Firefox Accounts team is working on resolving this 2FA bug and hope to have it fixed up for everyone shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience…

(Adavis) #3

I had a couple of questions for you:

  • what version of iOS are you running?
  • what iPhone model are you using?

the app stays on the security code verify screen and never progresses.

  • when you enter your short code from your authentication app, are you seeing a submit button and if so, are you able to click on it?

(Dave Rideout) #4

iOS: 11.4.1

iPhone 7

i believe the button said ‘verify’ - and when clicked after entering the code it may have looked a shade darker, but did not move past that screen. however, i would get a ‘successful login’ email anyway.

I managed to dodge the bug by deleting the app and reinstalling - then it worked fine again.

(Devin Reams) #5

Hey Dave, we believe this has been fixed. I had personally encountered it myself but haven’t again. Thanks for troubleshooting it yourself and re-installing the app. Not ideal, I know, but a fair workaround.

Can you (or anyone else) please let us know if you run into this again? Thank you!