Lockbox not autofilling on iOS

(Koyan) #1


I’ve been using Lockbox for a few months now on iOS and it’s extremely handy.

When I first installed it I set up autofill just like it says in the app, and it worked fine. When I opened a site in Safari, it suggested the correct login for that site. However, after a few days it stopped suggesting the correct site. It just set ‘Passwords’ and if I click that, Lockbox opens, and there I need to manually do a search for the correct site. Then the login/password is correctly filled in in Safari, so at least that still works, but it was much easier when autofill would just automatically pick the site already.

I tried reconfiguring the autofill settings, but that didn’t make a difference. I’ve uninstalled Lockbox and reinstalled it, and then autofill worked correctly again, but only for a day or two, after that it’s back to just showing me the list of all my passwords where I have to choose the correct one.

Am I missing something, or is this a bug?

Thank you!

(Devin Reams) #2

Hey Koyan, that’s strange. This may be a bug…

Are the autofill “suggestions” not appearing for all websites/domains or just specific ones? You’re saying sites that used to work now do not?

Can you try a few things along the way to help us understand better:

  • if you open Lockbox and let it sync/refresh, then switch to Safari, does it suggest a password then?
  • if you open Settings then disable and re-enable autofill, then switch back to Safari, does it suggest a password then?

Your input here could help us troubelshoot it further. Thank you…

(Koyan) #3


Thanks for looking into this!

I just tried this, and yes, this works! It’s now suggesting the correct login again for any site that I visit.

I tried this last time, before I posted here, and this didn’t work. I haven’t tried it this time of course, since your first suggestion fixed it again for now.

I hope it keeps working now. If it stops again I will update this post and let you know!


(Devin Reams) #4

Oh great, I’m glad to hear that workaround worked! This sounds like it may be a bug or at least something we can look into a little more (are we refreshing/updating the storage with potential logins as frequently as possible?) and will track that amongst our other priorities here: https://github.com/mozilla-lockbox/lockbox-ios/issues/816

Thanks for your report and quick response!

(Koyan) #5

FYI, the autofill suggestion stopped working again today, as you can see here:

If I click on ‘Wachtwoorden’ (=passwords), I can choose among all my passwords.

After opening Lockbox and letting it sync again, it works again in Safari:

One other odd thing though, after the last time I used this workaround, the suggestion worked again as well, but the interface was different:

I don’t know if this is significant. Both work.

(Devin Reams) #6

Thank you for sharing more information. This seems to match a pattern possibly related to how our database causes a crash.

We will have a bug fix release out shortly. We will then want to know if this happens again for you. Hopefully not!

(Koyan) #7

I just updated the Lockbox app on my iPhone. I’ll let you know in a few days if I still have any problems.

Thanks for all the help!

(Koyan) #8

I’ve been using the new version for a week now, and haven’t had a single problem with it. This update seems to have fixed the problem.

Thanks! Great job on the app! :slight_smile:

(Sandy Sage) #9

That’s great news. Thanks for letting us know.