login at pontoon.mozilla.org

Why is the login model on pontoon.mozilla.org different, unlike the login model for discourse.mozilla.org or people.mozilla.org?

login to pontoon.mozilla.org is required to use accounts.firefox.com which in my opinion accounts.firefox.com data is very private and pontoon.mozilla.org is not.

Hi @zidanpragata,

Pontoon has been using Firefox Accounts as the authentication method before discourse.mozilla.org or people.mozilla.org came into be.

We like it because it’s a reliable, easy-to-use and privacy-oriented service, used by several projects localized by Pontoon (Firefox, AMO, Monitor, VPN, etc.). Localizers often need to log into these services to test their localizations, so it’s convenitent they already have an account.

Could you please elaborate on the privacy piece? Use of private data in Pontoon is documented on the Terms page.