Looking for mobilizers interested in coming with their own ideas

Hi all,

As you know, we have been designing and organizing different activities and campaigns around Common Voice in the past months to mobilize our communities. These have been organized from the Common Voice and Mozilla Open Innovation staff team and they had been very “guided” through instructions and templates.

In order to incorporate the collective ideas from our communities, I’m looking for a few (4-5) individuals who have experience and personal interest in coming with their own assumptions and ideas to test how to grow common voice contributions to the speed we need.

If you are in this group and have 15-30 minutes next week to have a quick zoom call with me, please ping me here or privately.



I am busy the next week with techspeakers in the weekend if we can do it before will be better.
I can ask to other volunteers if want to join.

I will be available in the evening (IST time zone).
Could you update the zoom invitation url with meeting date and time , agenda of this meeting in etherpad.

Hi @subhash.dulla I’m looking for 1:1 conversations. I’ll follow-up in a PM, thanks.

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Hey, I don’t really have much time for a calls right now but we could talk via PMs. I am thinking about starting a little mobilization inside of the “Code for” - Movement, which are local groups of the Open Knowledge Foundation all around the world focusing on open data. I personally only know people from Code for Germany but I am a member in the international Slack channels of the movement. I will ask around, maybe we can colaborate in one way or another.

Take in consideration that here I’m talking mainly about non-coding, since we are talking about mobilizing and ideating new engagements with communities to increase the contribution growth.

Having said that, coding is also important. We are thinking about how to bring more volunteer developer into our app.

/cc @mbranson

The name “Code for [city name]” is a little bit misleading, that’s why the groups are also calles Open Knowledge Labs (OK Labs). Most local Labs do “Open Data Days” or similar events once or twice a year, they are mostly about freeing data from public agencies, civic science and how to use open data in practice. I am thinking about holding a talk about CV in a local event in Karlsruhe that will occur by the end of october.

Edit: I think the global Open Data Day could be generally a great opportunity to bring CV to the people. It normally happens at least once a year.

I wrote up some tips for recording at busy events here, based on some of the contributions I’ve validated so far: