Love FireFox Screenshot + Additional Features


Love FireFox Screenshot. Can you folks please consider add the following additional features text annotate + the ability to group screenshots in a folder, or merge screenshots together and export in PDF format?

(Omvr101) #2

Yes, I think this is a great idea. I actually came to this discourse to post those exact ideas. I hope they include them in the next version of Firefox screenshots.

(Ravi) #4

Love FireFox Screenshot. It has new amazing features. Features like Window, Full Screen capture are missing.

(Eniodefarias) #5

why Firefox Screenshots saved in jpg?
i need all screenshots in png format only.
how to do configure to all screenshots take in only png format?

(Clouserw) #6

Text annotations are live now. We don’t have plans to add pdf export or grouping, but thanks for the ideas.