Machine Learning Ideas

(Shweta Oak) #1


I am a machine learning enthusiast. I have worked on a project on skin disease detection from images and done a couple of courses on ML.

@yoric says there are a few ML related ideas, what are those? I would like to work on them :slightly_smiling:

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(David Teller) #2

Well, it took us some times and running through some loops, but we now have plenty of (almost) precise ideas that will require machine learning.

We are currently investigating two prototypes:

  1. Family Calendar
  • Very Smart Camera.

The Family Calendar will need learning to know more about the habits of the family, to be able to notice that family members have forgotten to put things on the calendar, to learn how long before an event people should be reminded, etc.

The Very Smart Camera will use learning to classify “interesting” and/or “abnormal” subsets of movies, so as to record only stuff that the user will want to watch or save.

If anybody is interested in either topic, feel free to ping us :slight_smile:

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(Amit Kumar Jaiswal) #3

Hey @yoric @oakshweta11,

I’m interested and I would like to work on these projects involving ML, AI. Recently i started working on DLM and this is why I want to work on them.


(David Teller) #4

Hey @amitkumarj441, I have just opened a thread to brainstorm the learning aspects of the Very Smart Camera. It’s a good place to start contributing with ideas :slight_smile:

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(Amit Kumar Jaiswal) #5

Yes, @yoric I gone through Very Smart Camera and I like this idea. I already did a research in Forecasting and have some knowledge of Neural Networks, Time series (including non-linear model), and I’ll soon come with my ideas.


(David Teller) #6

Sounds good. I’m doing some research on my side to find good models.

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