Maintaining your own development channel

(Martin Giger) #1

With AMO announcing the shutdown of the beta channel it’s time to find out how to run your own channel. Well, essentially, what the best approach for generating the update json is.

Of course you could just update it every time by hand. But that sounds rather tedious. Anyone wrote a tool for that?

(Michel Gutierrez) #2

I just pushed a small node.js script to add an entry to the update.json manifest given a signed XPI. It’s here.

Right now, the biggest problem to automate a developer-hosted beta channel is that the signing of the add-on package (required to distribute the extension) must be done manually on amo. The current add-on signing API fails if the extension is available publicly on amo, which is generally the case.

I had a look at this signing API but it seems the/some changes are to be made on the server side. I hope someone at Mozilla can take care of this before beta channels are removed from amo.