Making B2G More Musical (Music App Port)

Here is the place to hear of my status on the porting of the Music app to B2G OS


Nice! Hope to see it in action soon! :wolf:

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I am wondering two and a half things right now. First is this a music app just for files on a phone or will it integrate with apps like Spotify? Secondly, is there some design guidelines and code that I need to follow, if so were do I get them?

The main goal right now, to keep it reasonable, is to make the app working again > no new addition (or at least no major, if you need to do small tweaks to make it working, it’s fine). That include the UI if possible.

New additions will come later - if you have the basic app working.


As for design guidelines, it was chosen to just leave untouched the late Firefox OS’s design. There should be plenty of material around (but I don’t know where right now). Honestly I wouldn’t waste too much time on the UI, as that is likely to change in the future: just reuse the previous material as much as you can.

As for the scope of the app, I’d say that the first milestone is just to play files on phone. Of course it’s always possible to add advanced features in the future, but by now the effort is directed to reach a minimal viable product stage.

@lapineige sorry, crosspost!


oh, and of course, thanks for adopting the Music app! That’s a huge contribution you’re giving!


It’s always better to write something useful 2 times than 0 :wink:
(and it’s not a simple double :slight_smile: )

There are some guidelines on MDN (I don’t have the link with me) but as you said just using the current UI is perfect - any design questions will come later (and might need proposals and discussions, but again, later ! :slight_smile: )

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So this is the repository for the Music App I am porting to B2GOS? (Music App Repo)


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Hi everyone!

I hope you are doing well and the B2GOS dream is alive as ever especially given to the drop-out of Cyanogen! I have been unexpectedly busy in the last few months, I apologize for this inconvenience.

However, I am planning on working on this still. When looking over the code, I noticed some tags that are foreign to my website work. To make the Music app work with B2GOS, do I just need to rename the tags?

Best regards,


Hello @coder206 :slight_smile:

We are currently focused on making B2G working without the gecko integration, so on top of a closer to AOSP architecture. See:

But while it’s not the main priority right now, working on the web apps to make them standard web apps is still possible.
I suppose the music doesn’t use any phone specific API, or nothing essential. So it should be working on a desktop browser (for instance).
So if you are interested, you could start with your desktop browser, replacing the old APIs with some standards ones, and making it usable in your browser :slight_smile:

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