Making sure my add-on doesn't get taken down, after I tell everybody about it

(John) #1

Hi everyone,
I recently launched an add-on and was very happy to see it approved very quickly.
So I told everybody I knew to download it.
Then it was removed, and everyone I told about it messaged me back asking where it was.
It was a bit frustrating.

Anyway, I’ve since then updated the add-on and, within minutes it has been approved again, but now I’m in limbo. How can I get it approved manually so I can start publicizing it?

Has anyone else dealt with this issue before? Any help is much appreciated.

(Martin Giger) #2

If you’ve addressed the issues that were raised last time it was disabled there should be little reason for concern.

(Jorge) #3

We also plan to change the review system in the future to avoid this kind of situation. It’s probably something we won’t have time for until early next year, however.