Management for disabled; so needs to re-establish in the groups of all firefox versions

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:nerd_face:For example: Users who access version 1 to 5, 6-10, 11-15, … 51-55, …66-70 etc. Their new editions would not work for older add-ons. New editions must be compatible to support same add-ons. So new versions followed by certificate validity will be for :cowboy_hat_face:above serial= Firefox-1c (compatible with extensions for 1 to 5), 2c (@6-10), 3c (@11-15), … 11c(@51-55), …14c(@66-70) etc.
So Firefox needs for only 14 versions (New releases) to help using all older extensions. These versions will using only for :innocent:existing add-ons. So I feel it is a great management for resolve request to CEO. Topic= click for more
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