Material needed for FRENCH model creation

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Hi Mark2.
Good news…
Impatient to read U

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FYI, Common Voice has been added on Pontoon for localization. French locale has been completed (except the lega stuff, I will do that at some point later) and is currently under review. So soonish we should be able to start building text corpus and voice collection for French :).

I don’t know yet how we should organize ourselves, but I guess Common Voice’s section of Discourse: is a good start?

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What a good news !!
Impatient to test.


Yes, link to pontoon is
if you want to participate to the translation

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That’s the first step. Then we’ll have to coordinate ourselves and build a good text corpus, but I already have my ideas on that :slight_smile:


Hi @lissyx,

I found books in CC-0 on framasoft and have already split them into file of 500 sentences each but I’m making a sense check on them actually.

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That’s nice! What kind of books ?

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I am interested too !!



3 novels you can find them here this are "le cycle des Neonautes"
and 1 more technical about CC license

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Nice! Something I’m a bit puzzled about is the compatibility of the AN license with CC-0: If anyone confident in licensing can have a look?


Hi @lissyx,

I think this sentence make the license not compaible with CC-0
Mentionner la paternité de « l’Information » : sa source (a minima le nom du « Producteur »)
et la date de sa dernière mise à jour.

I’m not into legal but I believe you will not be authorize to use it as part of the project because those information will not be under each sentence…

in CC-O you need to abandons any copyright

(Lissyx) #33

So, I asked officially our lawyers to verify, and they say it’s okay. We just have to find a proper way to mention attributions on the website, but we can rely on that data. I’ll check with @mhenretty and the french parliaments on details, but in the past I already reached out to them and they were nice, so I don’t worry much :slight_smile:

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Those are good news, Lissyx