May 3: Update from SmartHome team

Hey All,

Here’s a quick update about our team. Last Friday, we checked-in with the
Product Innovation Board (PIB). We shared what we’ve learned, where we are,
and what we’re doing next. Check out our Check-in #2 (vidyo)
and Check-in document

User Experience / Research Updates

Our first user study findings report is complete. The goal of our report is
to share what we’ve learned and how we’ve re-framed our hypothesis. Please
feel free to use it as a tool to jump start your own ideas. See our User
Study #1 Findings

Technical Exploration Updates

We’re developing a functional research prototype to share with a small
group of 12-15 year-old girls. We’re investigating the use of the Particle
"Photon" and “Internet Button” products as a quick start way to get a
tactile, connected device into study participants hands. List of issues on
GitHub to implement the

What We’re Doing Next

We’re working on round 2 of user research
based on our current hypothesis
Our goal is to recruit 5 daughters of Mozillians, ages 12-15 years, who
would be willing to live with a demo prototype for 3-5 days and use it with
their best friend. Get in touch if you have a daughter who’d like to

Team Updates

Our team has grown - Kate Glazko and Mahendranadh
have come on board this week. Welcome!

Looking forward to meeting you all in London!

– Punam (and the SmartHome team)

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