MDN for B2G


During the process of creating Milestones for B2G i wen’t throug the MDN and i thaught its quite weard structured. We now have a great menu due to @Luca, thanks for that! And we have the most of the Firefox OS part transformed to B2G. During the past jears of Firefox OS development i think some topics got washed out and lost theyr main topic or got blown up that its hard to not acidentialy skip the meaningfull parts. Now I thaugt of how i wold organize it and made a etherpad as i did for the milestones.
Im not shure how or if (!?) we can improve that without breaking the translated pages so maybe its nonesense but i wold like to hear your thaught about it…
Regards Novski

(Luca) #2

I find you proposal very interesting. I also find really needed the focus on compatible devices (they would be at the first place and it’s good because it’s the first thing users look for … !).

If I could suggest anything, I would also add a specific page for WebIDE immediatly below “Run B2G OS on desktop using Mulet” cause it’s necessary for apps’ development (I think someone removed it for now, but we already have a base to work on).


I think i heared that it is dead… Althroug i don’t even know what it is…

(Luca) #4

WebIDE is a platform used to test apps, and it is probably still usefull now to test webapps.

Was there any decision on this topic during the last meeting?

(Sai Karthik) #5

disable link to it for now. We can bring back if necessary.