MDN with different breadcrumbs

I found two pages on MDN that seam be a subset of B2G (if i look to the breadcrumb) but one looks strange and has old Firefox links in it.
The other has the same breadcrumb looks different and has a different left menubar.

Is that a old leftover or just a wrong linked page?

Thanks for reporting. yeah, it’s probably a left over.
@chrisdavidmills can you please look at it. i fixed the sidebar in

@Novski I didn’t notice any strange in this page

These look ok to me in terms of sidebar, etc., although I can’t guarantee the information is current anymore.

Hi chrismills
I can’t find that site in the left menu sidebar. Am i missing it?

oh and another one, if you click here it generates a new document:

does the old Firefox file still exist anyware?

B2G OS is a very big category of MDN with many sub topics. There are chances of missing some content to update. But, eventually everything is going to be fixed :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments. I have added the “Different ways to run Gaia” article to the sidebar, and checked that the other sidebar links work. If you find that a link in the sidebar doesn’t work, try force-refreshing the page (Shift + Refresh) as the page might be outdated.

If you still get a problem, let us know :wink:

Thank you!

@chrisdavidmills i also found these pages need to be archived ( and all it’s sub docs)

I’m currently crushed underneath some other work, but will return to sorting out these changes as soon as I am out from under the bus :wink:

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You also have a bug waiting for you :wink:

OK, so I’ve done some work here. For the Firefox OS Simulator page, I’ve asked my colleague Will if he is happy for this to be archived — it’s in the Tools section of MDN, which is his domain, so it is polite to ask first.

For the Intro to Firefox OS, I’ve actually archived its parent page and everything under it! This is a whole section of crappy outdated pages. This is now available at

For the Marketplace pages, I’ve followed up in the bug about those.


thanks for fixing so far :slight_smile:

the more i search, the more i find obsolete fxos docs. Here is a new one please delete this

The title of B2G MDN Pages in some Languages doesn’t recognize the set Title B2G instead its still Firefox OS.
These Languages are infected for sure: German, Portugues

How can i fix that?

I think I can fix this problem using the tools in the MDN admin section. But I don’t want to just go and do it without first checking with the devs that I won’t break anything :wink:

I’ve submitted this bug to track the work and ask for their advice:

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sure. Thank you.

Thank you, Chris!

Hi Chris, thanks for changeing of all Headers in all those Languages!
I have another more easy question regarding the Menu.
I added a page and added it to the Menu and Listed it to the html code in the botom of the first B2GOS Page.

but it does not apear… How can i add a new page correctly?

Hi Chris. Can i get a reply on my topic above?
I gave it a try today again and now even had to find out that a different link links to my new fairphone page.
By clicking on Building B2G OS i get to Building for Fairphone page. And im not able to change it…
Thats realy not good… @chrisdavidmills can you help me?