Meet Your Team!

(Lucyeoh) #1

Introduce yourself and your club here! Post questions, thoughts, or things you’ve learned here!

(Ashwin Phadke) #2

I am Ashwin Phadke
Future Campus Club Captain
Mozilla Campus Club - Modern college of Engineering,Pune,Maharashtra,India.
yet to be assigned a RC .

(Semirah Dolan) #3

Hi everyone, my name is Semirah and I am from Boston, MA. I am working with the Campus Advisory Committee to increase the impact/visibility of Mozilla in USA college campuses.

If you are in the US and are interested in starting a Mozilla Campus Clubs please let me know and we can work together to get you started!

By the way, if you see this message today till October 24th, I will be taking over the Mozilla instagram and promoting Mozilla Campus Clubs as well sharing some pictures from a WebVR/python workshop at the Grace Hopper Conference.

Please go on, like, share, & Show some #MOZLOVE :slight_smile: Thank you! @mozillagram

(Rabimba) #4

@lharris When I met her a few days back, the first thing that came to my mind is the conversation we had on skype :slight_smile:

(Maruf Rahman 95) #5

Hello everyone, I am Maruf Rahman , from Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am the kead of “BRAC University Mozilla Club” .

-Maruf Rahman
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(Mubaris NK) #6

Hello everyone, My name is Mubaris NK.

I just signed up for Mozilla Campus Club and I finished my year plan and course.

I hope to be the Club Captain of Mozilla Club IIITA.

To more visit my Github