Meeting after Whistler 2015-07-07

I moved a post to a new topic: Keynotes from Whistler on Air Mozilla

Great! I have the notes from the meeting, I’ll be making some follow-up
posts when I’m back from vacation!

Ok, back! I’ll be making some posts as linked topics to this one.

Sorry for joining this thread so late, I was signed up to only get email notifications only when I’m mentioned. I was also out for medical reasons which limited my time. If there is anything you require from me or would like me to add to, please let me know.


Sorry to hear about your medical issues. Hope you’re doing better now!

It seems like most people care about building local communities in North America, but also have other projects taking up their time. We should try to plan another meeting for September when everyone’s back to routines. In the mean time, please feel free to dig up any old topics that strike your fancy!