Mentoring Buddies and CQT

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Hi guys,
It was a pleasure to meet you in the buddy meeting this week on Wed. And because of time difference, daylight hour difference and metric conversions for those of you I did not meet, I look forward to working with you.

Located in PST for all you Western Hemispherians, I am available on IRC with the the nick guigs2 or guigs21 depending on the network.

With out further delay here is the post I promised about the Contributor Quality Training and the Mentoring.

Round 1 Introduction Video:

Steps for preparation for being a SUMO supporter mentor:
It is important to be a mentor that you have completed the training and have answered questions to get an idea of what to expect to teach other trainees.

  1. Sign up for the support forum add your name to this etherpad: []
  2. Confirm your account
  3. Read the Guidelines -[Forum Rules and Guidelines][1]
    4.[Get Involved][2]

For mentors who have already completed the training please start here to prepare for this endeavor:

  1. Take the training to familiarize yourself - [Introduction to Training][3] This will include a sign up form at the end of the introduction, please add your name to the survey :smile:
    Note: If you would like to add to the training, we could use your help, please feel free to make edits. Just click on Edit Article in Edit Tools on the left side of the webpage.
    2 [Introduce yourself in the Forum ][4]
    3 [Subscribe to the Buddy Forum][5]

Mentor role open for discussion :smiley: As I have already made 10 edits to this, please also feel free to school me on any other ideas, however mentors do need to be experienced contributors and some of the basics are above.

So far I have read how the AOA was done and it looks good, but would love to have your ideas too!
[4]: http://%20%20
[5]: http://%20

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The video is now public and some major edits have been made, sometime this week we will get some videos.