Mentors narrative - Daniel

I got involved with Mozilla back in 2016 when I asked my very first Firefox-question on the SUMO forum. That year I also started out helping other users on SUMO by replying to posts. Only 1 year later I started reporting issues on bugzilla and that way somewhat participated in forming the future of our amazing browser, having reported over 160 Firefox issues over the past 7 years. With the discovery of the opportunity of assisting Firefox Social Support (Twitter), I signed the NDA that comes along with it and ever since I am very active in the Social Support.

Recently, I noticed SUMOsJR’s topic about him being in contact with Ethan on why Fx users churn and what causes users to make the decision to stop using Firefox desktop. I saw this as a massive opportunity to point out the major issues that our browser has, related to other browsers, and hoped to see a post by SUMOsJR on what Ethan thinks on all those issues, but so far there hasn’t been any reply at all.
This was the time when I decided to apply for the Mentor program.
I believe being a mentor (not a Rep!) would allow me the privilege of more closely being able to track progress on this very worrying Firefox user churn topic.

Hi Dan

I will drop you a note about this on the SUMO platform.

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Isn’t there a difference between Mentor and Rep?

A Mentor was a Rep who helped support other Reps.